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Leading Russian dating site “Mamba” has changed its name to Wamba as it seeks to expand into new .

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“In Russia we can only grow as fast as the market”, explained Executive Director Yaroslav Sergeev, “so we are targeting two new growth areas – mobile Internet and international expansion.” Sergeev added that in many countries the “mamba” domain is already taken by Storck, a producer of chewy sweets, so “Mamba” had to create a new brand for the international market.

Free Online <i>Dating</i> in United States - Find That Someone. - <i>Wamba</i>

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It has already bought up wamba.com, and wamba.ru, among others, and its site is available in 10 languages.

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India is first on Wamba’s target list – at the moment there isn’t a freemium social dating site (which offers basic services for free, with the option of paying for additional options).

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